Lemhi County Salmon Cemetery 

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Salmon City Cemetery, Idaho
Many of the stones in the cemetery have been photographed. You may view them here, or go here for a text version.

In the 1870s the Salmon Cemetery was built, on land that before was nothing but sagebrush and rock. A group of private citizens formed the Salmon City Cemetery Association, which was incorporated on December 24, 1888, and began issuing stocks on Dec 17, 1890. Soon after it was incorporated, the association began selling shares for one dollar a piece, and people could also buy sections or plots for $7.50 for a plot.

The original trustees were as follows: George L Shoup, Thomas Elder, E.S. Edwards, N. Andrews, George A Kenney, John McDonnell, and Charles A Wood.

Some of the original shareholders were: M.M. McPherson, J. Snook, L.C. Geertson, G.G. Wentz, M.H. Potter, William Douglass, and the original trustees.


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